Mendip chocolate in the making in our Somerset kitchen. Chocolate selection box with chunky choc

About Mendip Chocolate Chef


We want our food to excite and impress your favourite Aunt for her birthday, your new foodie neighbour but also your sceptic Dad! We want to make for you the best gifts for Christmas, an engagement, for an unforgettable experience to show you how chocolate really can be.

At the same time, we want to minimise the impact this has on the world.

We try to work with other small UK based businesses and UK distributors wherever we can. Our sticker producer uses fully compostable materials and even plants a tree every time we place an order. Our pop up origami gift message boxes are handmade by a fellow female small business owner, and our eco face wipes that we use in our pamper hampers are also made a UK small business.

We all love chocolate, and Brits are one of the biggest consumers of chocolate but sadly we can’t grow it here- only a few degrees of the equator. That’s why we realise we need to do what we can to offset how far those cocoa beans have to travel. We work with responsible suppliers who share our vision of lowering impact and improving lives. For example, we work we Columbian cocoa growers for our vegan oat milk and no added sugar chocolate who strive to help local communities not only with improving salaries of those involved in the cocoa industry but also improve local education for children.

Our packaging is one way we can make a difference. Within just 8 weeks of starting the business, we realised we wanted to start how we mean to go on. So, we invested heavily in plastic free packaging. Yes it can take us a little longer to get it right, and it is definitely more expensive, but we can’t stand by and let more plastic into the world.




  • Gold Award at 2022 Taste of the West for our Cherry & Caramelised Pecan 70% Slab

  • Commended Award at 2022 Taste of the West for our Pistachio Praline Crunch 33% Milk Chocolate Slab

  • Silver Award at 2021 Taste of the West for our Fudgaholic Milk Chocolate Slab


  • 2021 Chocolatier of the Year

  • 2022 Chocolatier of the Year


2021 Finalist New Business of the Year


Making sweet treats and sharing them at big family gatherings will always stick in my childhood memories; making chocolates especially, at Christmas time, for everyone to enjoy. Making them look as beautiful as I could with different decorations was always what I loved. But more importantly, the satisfaction of everyone enjoying them was the best thing.
Naturally, I moved into the food industry, developing food both sweet and savoury for many different brands from the big retailers to food on the move. I have always loved new and exciting flavours and finding ways to make them mainstream and enjoyable for everyone, and product development was a great way to do this. That’s why today, imaginative food is at the core of our business. Changing flavours and concepts to ensure they excite, not only your tastebuds, but all of the senses.

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From independent supermarkets to corporate gifts

We provide a farm shops, independent supermarkets, delis and business clients with chunky slabs and bespoke gifts from mini chocolate bars to corporate large hampers. If you have a farm shop, deli or cafe and would like us to supply our delicious chocolate slabs, simply get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

We also do corporate gifting as well as events & weddings where we can cater for small groups or large crowds. If you have an event, please get in touch and we will help you to make your chocolate extra special.

Link to our wholesale page is here

Vegan Friendly

We want everyone to be able to experience our chocolate

Back in August 2020, we launched our vegan range and we haven't looked back. With fun interesting flavours so there is no compromise to your tastebuds.
We always make our vegan range after a full clean down in our kitchen, and usually on different days to the other products to ensure there is no cross contamination.

Not only is our vegan range packed with flavour, but we have invested in packaging that is a little kinder to the world.

The bags we use, you can put them into your compost heap or veggie recycling box and they will compost in around 30 days.
If you buy a hamper or gift pack from us, we use 'shredded wood' which not only looks pretty but you can use it after as a fire starter for your BBQ or recycle it.
Even the paper we use to wrap products in and the postal box packaging is fully recyclable and made from recycled materials.

Vegan dairy free chocolate range, plastic free packaging, mango & toasted sesame vegan chocolate