Less Blues, More Reds

As we move into 2022, there is no rest for us chocolatiers.

No sooner does the bells of New Year chime, we frantically change our mind set from images of snowy Christmas trees over to the romance of Valentine's Day chocolate gifts.

What could be more sensual and pleasing than chocolate? Forget oysters, we have the silkiest smoothest creamy chocolate aphrodisiacs to get the senses going this Valentine's Day.

In our Somerset chocolate kitchen, we have been concocting the most decadent beautiful handmade chocolate treats for the best gifts this Valentine's Day.

Think Liquid Caramel filled Giant Chocolate Love Hearts, Strawberries & Cream Ruby White Chocolate Truffles and some gorgeous plastic-free packaging to put a smile on your Valentine!

We absolutely love the idea of a liquid caramel truffles, so at the end of 2021, we worked hard in the kitchen to get the best combination of ingredients together and we have done it!

Our Rose & Pistachio Milk Chocolate slab is a delicate delicious flavour combination working together so well, with a gentle hit of rose followed by the nutty aftertaste of pistachio nuts, this is not to be missed.

Our truffles were doing so well at Christmas, we decided to mix up the flavours for the new season and keep them coming. We have over 15 years experience in making hand rolled, hand cut luxury truffles, so we're glad to put those skills back in use. More importantly, we are so glad everyone enjoys them so much, we've had a demand to keep making them in the hundreds!

So whatever gift hamper from our website takes your fancy most, we are sure to be able to make your Valentine's gifts just that little bit more luxurious for 2022.

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