Riding the chocolate-filled rainy waves of the British Summer

We are approaching June…any my ever optimistic brain tells me the sunshine is coming at any moment. However, the reality is slightly different. As I am busy packing our delicious Vegan Mango & Toasted Sesame Slabs for our new supermarket customer, and contemplating what chocolate delights to add into a bespoke custom chocolate birthday hamper, the rain is undoubtedly pounding down. Ruining the dragon snaps in my garden that I carefully nurtured from a seed, my brain is half pleased as we don’t need to worry about getting the air con to keep our silky smooth chocolate, well, silky smooth and in the delicious state it is meant to be enjoyed as a birthday treat. It’s a good excuse to continue eating chocolate well into those summer months when frankly, an ice cream on the beach just isn’t on the cards. More like snuggly up to the sofa with chocolate in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. There’s worse things in life, and chocolate definitely isn’t one of them.

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