Salted Caramel Addition

It's a real thing, right? We love making our handmade luxury treats, but one of our favourite things to make this summer has to be the new Salted Caramel Chocolate Cups.

After launching them back in May, we haven't turned back. We add a touch of Cornish sea salt to the silky smooth gooey caramel and generously scoop this into a handmade 33% milk chocolate cup. They're bigger than they seem and only in person can really see how one at a time is more than enough.

I have always loved developing our items to be bigger than the average. It just feels so much naughtier, and that bit more indulgent. Sure, you're not supposed to eat one of these every day, but we do try hard here at HQ! The shelf life testing was hard going, but we enjoyed it far too much for our own good!

Grab your salted caramel chocolate cups from the summer range section. But be warned, they're in high demand and often sell out quite quicky!

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