Taste of the West Awards here we come!

After a nail biting 6 weeks of waiting, we finally had the results come back last week from the Taste of the West Awards….and we won a silver award for our Fudgaholic Milk Chocolate slab.

We are just over the moon! After trading for only one year, what more could a chocolatier ask for? We can only thank all of our lovely customers for the encouragement and support over the year in giving us the confidence to really go for it.

Although we do have some unsung heroes in our range (namely Nutty Salt & Pepper!!), the Fudgaholic slab does have a lot going for it- chunks of caramel fudge coupled with the slightly salty yet sweet fudge-coated pretzels generously sprinkled onto our 33% milk chocolate. Let’s just say, we are always sad if there are no rejects when this one gets made in our chocolate kitchen!

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