What chocolate men want…at least Dads on Father’s Day

It may be far off Father’s Day, with the chicks for a chocolatey Easter barely hatching, but I am thinking about the most delicious chocolate treats that Dad’s would like this Father’s Day. So, I’ve been thinking long and hard about it, as we always do here at Mendip Chocolate Chef. I’ve spent over 15 years designing products for a whole host of different food manufacturers across the South West- cereal bars, naughty chocolate sponges, cheeky Steak Bakes or just a darn good evening meal. But chocolate is something else. There’s so much to choose from, so many different angles you can go down and different flavours you can add. Fudgaholic is one of my favourite slabs, the salty pretzels and the sweet fudge is a great combo with our 33% milk chocolate. But it got me thinking, what makes it so great? I decided that the chunky delicious topping on top of the chocolate had to be one of the reasons. And I figured, guys love chunky chocolate. It got me thinking about the classic Yorkie bar and why Dad’s loved it so much, definitely all around the chunky. And this born the concept of our Father’s Day collection. So there it is, chunky all around. First we can up with the chunky monkey, a tweak to last year’s Chunky Monkey Slab, this one has hunks of marshmallow, Yorkie biscuit bar chunks, Terry’s Chocolate Orange and a sprinkle of our chocolate buttons. We also came up with some pretty darn big coins. Some bigger than your hand, they have a load of gorgeous tasty toppings on, perfect treats for Dads this Father’s Day. We have even pulled together beautiful hampers for Father’s Day filled with these chunky chocolate yummy treats all wrapped up ready to hand over to Dad on Father’s Day.

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