What even is a Brookie I hear you ask!

So I fell in love with a naughty chocolate filled Brookie bar. I regularly support other small businesses (at least that’s my excuse) by partaking in buying brownies, and cookies bar. It’s a real weakness of mine. It would be rude not to perpetuate the world of chocolate and naughty goodies you can buy, right?! So I wondered how to make them even naughtier but without forcing myself, and others, to eat too much in one go. So along came some Brookie truffles. A beautiful baked duo of brownie sandwiched together with a cookie bar. But not only that, but covered in our signature delicious 33% milk chocolate. I don’t know if you noticed, but our milk chocolate has such a distinct flavour, I can pick it out a mile away. It takes you to a different level of chocolate enjoyment. When you marry this with a little bite of Brookie, it really is something else. We’ve kept them in little bites so you can just have a nibble, but I’m not sure how many people can resist eating at least a couple in one sitting. Chocolate heaven!

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